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We have collated and generated useful materials grand enough for the most inquisitive soul among us. Below, you can expect to learn everything from the history of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to details regarding proper treatment apparel. Please peruse any and all of our catalogs, and as always, Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns.


Crash Course in HBOT

A comprehensive guide. This introduction to HBOT provides the reader with the knowledge designed to address any concerns before your first appointment. Casual visitors and prospective patients alike can gain a greater understanding for how HBOT is administered.

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Treatable Diagnoses

Understand which current indications for HBOT we treat and how recovery is achieved. Learn if your insurance covers HBOT.

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Referring to NorCal HC

We have detailed the referral process for your convenience. In some cases, there are modalities that must be exhausted before prescribing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy which can delay treatment.

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